We spent our entire lives sleeping on common pillowcases and we did just fine. Then suddenly there is this satin trend bandwagon. What about it? Are all the claims true? Bunda is here to give you #satin101.


How, with a bed-head and dehydrated skin?

Blame your cotton pillow case, it has sucked the moisture out of your hair and skin the entire night.
You can apply a massive amount of hair product and skincare, but what’s the use if you’re letting your pillowcase (instead of your skin) suck everything?


Satin is naturally really soft, and that is why it’s gentle to your hair and skin (good bye sheet prints).

It prevents hair breakage and does not cause friction. Cotton grabs and tangles up your hair, voila, hello messy bed head.

Also if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, friction is bad because it will aggravate your skin and cause more inflammation.


Sucking moisture is one thing, but hear this: it sucks bacteria like no other. And who will be in direct touch with ‘em bacteria? You.

Satin has really low absorbency level, so it does not suck either your natural moisture or the nasty bacteria.


It is!

Satin is naturally cool to the touch so for those of you who tend to sleep restlessly because of the heat, say hello to your new sleep companion.

“It really is just, nice.”

I mean.. it really is a good feeling to sleep on a soft, cool pillowcase after a tiring day. All the great benefits AND the luxurious feel. Satin pillowcases truly are a good investment that will provide better looking hair and skin.