Hello, I’m Jade!
I’m made of Jade Stone; I’ll help you to have your dream youthful skin come true.  There are two types of me, Pink Quartz for Relaxing and Green Mint for Energizing. Each glide of me will help you to relax & enjoy your skincare ritual. Use me after face oil or while using sheet mask & let me pamper you.  You can use small roller for delicate areas and large roller all over your face.








My Power :

  • Depuff & detox skin
  •  Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce puffiness and fine lines
  •  Ease facial muscle tension
  •  Help skin absorb serum/essence better 








How to use me:

1. Cool me in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to add a calming, soothing sensation

2. Use me after applying face oil for deeper penetration

3. Gently glide me over clean skin for 5 -10 minutes







How to clean me:

  • Wipe me with soft damp cloth
  • Dry me completely before storing me in the box
  • Don’t use hot water & don’t soak me
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleanser to wash me, baby soap is great for me