Bunda and The Rituale team tried the STYLE ME Satin Hair Tie, and we’re ready to give you our final thoughts.

First, it was the satin pillowcase. Now the satin trend has grown to the hair accessories department and we did not know how to feel.
But given the satin pillowcases’ credibility, we decided to give it a try because who doesn’t want a crease-free ponytail?

We love ponytails because let’s be honest, long hair is pretty but it gets everywhere. We love the practicality but what we do not love is the crease from the pony 🙁


Why are we surprised it actually worked??? Ponytail crease, who???
The while The Rituale team, even Bunda was blown away. It does feel much softer to the hair, no painful tugging whatsoever.


STYLE ME Satin Hair Tie is Bunda’s “tried and tested”. It officially became our latest obsession because we can safely put our hair in a ponytails when we need to, and no one has to see the creases after.

Granted it’s not going to give the same mind blowing result as a satin pillowcase would, we’re not even mad since it’s so cute (90’s style is back, baby) and very affordable.